Adopting Rescue Kitten, Shiro – Part 2

Adopt a cat or dog now! Help animals around us, do not hurt them. Read my article here.

#giniamat the series, my youtube channel series

How a ordinary people create a youtube channel series? You can search with that keyword in Google Search, and find many ways on how to make it and grow views as many as possible. Background of this my youtube channel series I create this youtube channel series to fulfill my idea as comedian born toContinue reading “#giniamat the series, my youtube channel series”

Writing Stories, where to read my fiction story?

I like to write many stories especially fiction story. The idea of my fiction story is just popping up inside my head and I like to write it. Sometimes it look very clear in my head so I can pour it into a blog or Microsoft Word. How did I make those fiction story? It’sContinue reading “Writing Stories, where to read my fiction story?”

This is Situation at Night in Sudirman Station, Platform 2, Include Tips in New Normal

I took this picture at Sudirman station last year and I have a kind of ‘strange’ feeling when I see it now, on July 2020. Passengers were standing next to each other on the platform, waiting for the train to come, a condition that is no longer possible at this time. In this New NormalContinue reading “This is Situation at Night in Sudirman Station, Platform 2, Include Tips in New Normal”

Review KRL Access Apps

I am commuting almost every day. That’s the fastest way to go to my office and every place. I live at suburban place, where properties and many things are more cheaper than in big city. A month ago I downloaded KRL Access Apps, an official apps from KAI. Actually we, as passenger, are not reallyContinue reading “Review KRL Access Apps”