Adopting a Rescue Kitten, Shiro

Prolog Rescue Kitten

Three kittens left by their mom on a Saturday morning a month ago. Under a table in our home yard. My mom and my son found it. Those kittens always crying, screaming, create load meow, filling the air in our house. Their eyes were still closed. I ask my self, how can I rescue a kitten?

We decide to let them outside and let it as it is, so their mom can be back to get them or to breastfeed them. If I moved them inside, their mom will call them from outside and we didn’t know when their mom came back.

The next morning, my son only found two kittens, missing one kitten and the mother is not there.🤔. Are our method is wrong in rescue these kittens?

Ok, since the mother didn’t show up, we decided to keep them for a while. Well at least, we can rescue the kitten, feed them, and keep them alive.

Two baby kitten
they were too cute. Their eyes were still closed.

Two baby kitten. The yellow one is male and the white one is female.

Since I see they always cry, I buy them kitten milk. Buy it with Go Shop help. It’s gloomy Monday and not a payday, but still have to feed them😄.At first the yellow accept it, drink it. But not for the white, it was hard to feed her😂.. I use small injection device without the needle to feed them milk. I hope this is a good way to rescue kitten and make them eat.

Typically I don’t like kitten so much before. And I feel disgust to see anything related to clean animal body. But that night, a miracle came to my mind and hands, maybe an angle of rescue kitten guide me, seeing the yellow still couldn’t open his eyes, I gently wipe his eyes with cotton bud and baby oil. Slowly, then white liquid or liquid eye wax came out from his eyes.😣😣. I wanted to vomit at that time😫. But still I wipe it until his eyes could be opened!! Yeaaayyy!! After that, I wipe the white eyes too.

We left them outside, hoping the mother will pick them up. Then the rain fall so hard that night, they will die cold if still outside. So I put them inside the house, hoping the mother cat would meowing hard to find these kittens.

Monday morning, the sun still shy, but it was hot enough. So I decided to wipe their body with tissue, just to clean them. The white create very loud meow than 2 days before. But the yellow one was not. After that, miraculously, I see the mom cat, meowing back to the white near the fence! I saw the mom for the first time. And she communicate with the white, jumped down cross the fence, and sniffing and take the white. I couldn’t move, it was an amazing scene! 😍 This is the ‘power of emak-emak’ in real cat life. She left with the white, but not coming back for picked the yellow.😑😑

Bad mom cat!😤😤

On Wednesday morning, my mom found out that the white was in our neighbor house along with her bro. The mother still was not around, maybe finding food, said my neighbor. So we decided to take the yellow with the white again.😸😸 At least the yellow stop meowing😸. My mom and I watch them from a far and found the mom, not too far, watching me. Wew.. Still a young mama cat🙄 , we think. She came to the yellow, sniffing, and put him to her hug and breastfeed him. Yeayyy!!!!😄😄

At least it was happy ending. It’s better for a kitten get breastfeed from mama cat, not from formula milk. Although I was a little sad 😢 to give them all to the mama cat, but it was for a good choice for the kittens.

Rescue Kitten Data 2020

Unfortunately there is no data about how many rescue pet or rescue kitten in 2020 in Indonesia, especially in this pandemic era. But in US I have this data about animal welfare statistic.

I only get this from that in each location such as Cilandak, Depok, Menteng and Tanjung Barat, have so many street cats and dogs that has been rescued/helped by Catrescue.

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80"> created some educational posters. You can see it here <a href=""></a&gt; created some educational posters. You can see it here

Rescuing street cat and dog is a commendable deeds. You take the cat/dog as your own family, give the best place to live and best food according your ability. If most of us think like this, it will easier for us to rescue kitten/cat/dog and there will be no more cats/dogs suffering on the streets.

You can adopt and rescue a kitten/cat/dog here too:

You may be questioning, why the title is Shiro. I will tell you in next chapter.😉

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