Adopting Rescue Kitten, Shiro – Part 2

Mom’s Order

This guy came to our home just because my mother insisted to bring him home and just ordered, “Let’s take care of this guy”. It’s almost the end of February. I just stunned by her mom’s order. After our first kittens returned to its mama cat, our home became a little bit empty.

Shiro came in with poor conditions, such as bad eyesight due to a white coating on one of his eyes, very thin, afraid with people, so thin.

We had a lot of cat milk from the previous kitten, so I give him milk and I bought dry food, cat litter, cat shampoo, vibrac nutriplus gel, toys, etc. for him. Hope he would like it. I prayed for his health every day since he was still thin and didn’t like to drink water, only milk. A week later I brought him to see a vet. He had a sore throat, need medicine to cure and for his eye, he need an eye ointment. The vet said I had to force him to drink water instead of drinking milk.

After visited Vet, I bathed him to make him looked clean and fresh. He was more comfortable with us and try to open his heart, as you can see in this pict.

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-23 at 11.42.45
Shiro, with a little smile

The Fur was not All White

At first glance, the fur did look all white, but when I saw it closely, it turns out that the fur is more beige or a little bit orange in his back and his tail was orange white striped. He has a strange and cute personality, and like many cats like to eat and sleep.

Mold and Vomit

When I thought that his health is doing fine, I saw a little mark on his back, at first I think it was a wound because he liked to scratch his back, but it became bigger. I tried to cure it by applying VCO oil to his skin but to no success, he even scratched his skin frequently.

So.. again we brought him to the Vet, and the Vet gave me oral medicine for mold. Maybe because of the medicine or just my feeling, Shiro didn’t scratch too often again. My mom created a simple jacket for him so his feet can’t scratch the skin with mold.

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-23 at 13.19.21
Shiro peacefully sleep. Empon-empon in his side.

One day, Shiro began to vomit 4 times. We rush back again to the vet. He was injected with medication to stop his vomiting and I had to buy antibiotics and oral medication for kitten vomit. The vet suggested buying Royal Canin Kitten or Digestion to help his digestion problem. Well, at least he was more healthy now.

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-23 at 13.40.51
Soooo full..


In my opinion, it looks like he was a little fatter than when he just came home a month ago. I remember how hard to teach potty training, teach him to drink water, give him dry food, buy him everything for a cat, watch many cat videos on youtube, etc. I even made a list of cat tutorial videos on my youtube list in Bahasa, you can see it here:

At least, all our efforts paid off. He looks happy now. With a new kitten at home, he can play around, jumping, running here and there, always want to be pampered and always hungry. He always makes a loud husky sound when he was hungry. His nose always sniffing if there is a smell of food around. It will be a problem if he smells our food, we can’t eat quietly.

I was not a cat person, but I like to see cat videos on youtube, especially purebred cats. When I have the destiny to take care of a domestic cat, I try my best such as bring them to vet, buy any kind of cat food, buy cat litter, etc. Domestic cat in my area is sometimes very annoying with their meowing sound and too many of them, so the territory is getting smaller every year. I don’t want Shiro like a typical domestic cat like this. I want him clean, eat with good food, pup in cat litter, get vaccine regularly, healthy and happy.

Shiro now, I think he is already happy

8 responses to “Adopting Rescue Kitten, Shiro – Part 2”

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  2. omg your cat !!!!! your cat is so cute


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