#giniamat the series, my youtube channel series

How a ordinary people create a youtube channel series? You can search with that keyword in Google Search, and find many ways on how to make it and grow views as many as possible.

One of caption of #giniamat the series

Background of this my youtube channel series

I create this youtube channel series to fulfill my idea as comedian born to be 😄. Hehe.. I used to be think that everything should be recorded, in fun way. Cause we only live once… and can laugh every time we want.

The #giniamat series is not just go cranky to everything on our life, but see everything differently in words with funny music. We have to be more thankful to what we called as our destiny, just to remember, life has always about ups and down. So just relax and happy.

I named this my youtube channel series with #giniamat because too many sad things in life that should make us laugh. I think I face same feeling like others and others could face the same situation like me too.

The content of my youtube channel series #giniamat

If you see the content in my youtube channel series #giniamat, they are all about what we are facing in daily life. Like in normal life of people. Sometimes it’s too hard then we complain of everything. But still in this #giniamat the series, I keep the comedy feels to the each episode with fun music and not so matching background. Btw, I chose river and sea video as background, cause I think human body contains lots of water, and when we are in very sad and feel horrible, we want to cry a lot, so I decide using a background that related to water, such as ocean, sea or river.

Only 3 episode of #giniamat the series. Why?

Because there are no more idea to creating content of this youtube channel series, until now. Maybe you can help me to create one? The idea to create this #giniamat the series looks simple, but somewhat complicated. Now I understand how Nessie Judge, Nadia Omara, Warung Sobat, Kok Bisa, and other youtuber sometimes looks so stressed in their video or in their voice. It’s not just an idea, but a whole concept. You should write the idea, then choose video, choose the music, insert sound effect, editing the video, make it in short time, upload it, create annotation or any element, etc. If you’re a newbie like me, you can not upload a custom youtube thumbnail, so youtube only show template video, make sure it has good point from your youtube video.

Maybe next time, I will create more of #giniamat the series.

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