The Ice Skating Beauty: Johnny Weir

The Ice Skating Beauty: Johnny Weir
Johnny Weir with his unique smile

Johnny Weir is an American figure skater, fashion designer, and television commentator, based on Wikipedia. From Celebritynetworth, Johnny Weir is a retired American figure skater and sports commentator who has a net worth of $4 million dollars. It means 56 billion Rupiah in Indonesian currency. What?!

Johnny Weir Beauty in Skating

I found Johnny Weir video on youtube. Found in my list of recommendation videos in the right side. I never doing ice skating before and don’t know any of skating technique, but watching his skating video here, it makes me think that this man is really love with what his doing. Johnny Weir combines dance moves and skating technique beautifully.

He used Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. Then when I see it, he performed skating very well! Beautiful,  sassy, energetic, full of hard technic, a skilled dancer, never lose a beat. Johnny Weir really enjoys himself when dancing. He made every move in skating looked easy to do. Don’t forget to notice the costume, very brilliant design and have a deep meaning, sparkle tight and mysterious. You should see his final pose. Very recommended video to watch!

Spreading the Beauty of Skating in Japan

There are many Johnny Weir videos on youtube. A few months ago he was in Kobe Japan, still has amazing performance.

First Johnny Weir wearing white custom with 1 wing in his left hand, as if told the audience that his one wing is broken and gone. The music, I don’t know the title, but often hear that classical music, the music is so sad. His expression when skating and dancing is clearly seen his face. I can see a sadness in his eyes and moves. Some techniques he uses are same from his performances before, but become one in the unity of the new skating dance movement, typical of his skating style. In the end, he still very charming while greeting his audience and fans.

Using His Charm and Flirty Dance Skating Moves

It’s a typical of Johnny Weir that can make sassy dance move while skating looks so real and not too much. He is so sassy, flirty and vivacious in some dance but it’s not too much exposed, and I think only Johnny Weir can do a skating move like that, very suitable with his personality.

The Ice Skating Beauty: Johnny Weir
Walking with style

I really like his performance here, on ‘Fashion on Ice’ in 2011. He even walked with ice skater shoes! With music Lady Gaga’s Song, he do that hard skating technique with the energetic song seamlessly without broken his ‘net stockings’. I hold my breath when he make a heart shape to audience, when he swing his back skirt to audience and when he walks on ice, using skating shoes!

What Johnny Weir Do now?

He is still amazing in walking on ice in his ice skating shoes and just using short pants and shirt with black gloves. Now he adding new feature with using mask. He seems healthy and happy when practicing skating here. Hope he always like that on ice and in every day.

Almost fell but nope, he is a master of figure skater

I wish I could see Johnny Weir skating performance again in this year, and hopefully broadcasting in youtube or instagram live someday.

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