Writing Stories, where to read my fiction story?

my fiction story
One of my fiction story

I like to write many stories especially fiction story. The idea of my fiction story is just popping up inside my head and I like to write it. Sometimes it look very clear in my head so I can pour it into a blog or Microsoft Word.

How did I make those fiction story?

It’s hard. Yes. I have this brilliant idea years ago, and still a little bit spark in my head, I tried to make a fiction series story, just for fun, but in the end I just tired to write it down.

Maybe I was too boring to continue my fiction story. Or just too lazy🙄

But I enjoy creating my own fiction story. I want to make a novel. I really adore Stephen King’s and Agatha Christie’s, maybe I can be one of them next year. Hopefully!😊😊😊

You can read my fiction story here. It’s still in Bahasa https://icadicad.wordpress.com/. Also you can read Segitiga, Tragedi Malin Kundang and many short fiction stories there.

I will put my new works on https://icadicad.wordpress.com/ too. Maybe still in Bahasa. But, its still TBC.

My Step to Create My Fiction Story

I have different way than other fiction story writer to create a story. Like I said before, my idea came to me like a blast then I just want to write it all in Microsoft Word.

  1. Idea came to my brain.
  2. I write the main idea, the big picture and the main problem and the solution.
  3. I create the name of the character, the place, the setting etc.
  4. I write the topic, theme, main detail in notes.
  5. I expand from that and directly write my fiction story in Microsoft Word or blog.

As you can see in my fiction story blog, some word is misspelling, sometimes a paragraph is too long, some texts missing, etc, this is when you really need an editor. Haha.. Is there any free editor out there?

Can Everybody Write A Fiction Story?

I think everybody can make it. No stories such as good or bad fiction story, because every story comes from unique brain and idea. The authentic idea and not copying other people’s ideas is very rare. Sometimes, my idea is same like another people, it’s okay I guess, as long as the result of fiction story is not really from copy paste from another people work or duplicating other writer’s story.

The easiest way to put your fiction story is in blog. People can read your fiction story and enjoy it. For me, I never finished a whole story in blog, I keep it in the middle so people can not just copy paste my fiction story until the end in blog/books.

You can try to make simple fiction story with a simple idea, you can follow my steps above and put it in your blog. For me I have a passion in writing fiction story so it’s okay if nobody read my story. Haha.. But if you want to produce your fiction story, you should find an editor and publisher.

So, let’s create your fiction story now!

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