Siapa saja yang masih nonton serial kartun anak, padahal sudah dewasa?

Saya suka nonton serial kartun anak, kamu juga?

Will Sherlock Season 5 be too Boring?

Sherlock season 5 in this year! Or not? You decide and let the creators know!

Review Shaun The Sheep Season 3

Hi there! Watching some series for kids, sometimes, can make us more relax and laugh, because of the content of the story is easy to understand and intermezzo of comedy and cuteness here and there. Here’s my Review Shaun The Sheep Season 3. Since season 1, this sheep series already catching my eyes. This bunchContinue reading “Review Shaun The Sheep Season 3”

Synopsis and Review Lights Out Short Movie

Lights out short movie is better than the longer movie, I think. So creepy!