Synopsis and Review Horror Short Movie Mama

Hi there! My job desk doesn’t too crowded lately, so I can write synopsis and review horror short movie titled Mama. I found this horror short movie in someone’s blog, I didn’t remember the author or the blog, like Lights Out. When I saw the title, it didn’t look like a title for a horror or thrilled movie, just for a dramatic stories movie or maybe telenovela. But I was wrong. This horror short movie was very suitable for that title, in a different universe (ghost world).

You can find it here.

Screen Shot sort film Mama

Created by Andy and Barbara Muschietti, this horror short movie, as in its description, is presented by Guillermo del Toro and includes one of the scariest scenes del Toro has ever seen. Guillermo del Toro make a speech before this horror short movie started too. I do feel the horror and shocked in many scenes, especially in the end scene, you should see it with your friends if you are an easily scared person.

ya iyalah ceuuu.. abdi oge kaget pisan…

Mama only casted three characters: two child female actress as sisters (the younger sister named Victoria and the older sister named Lily) and one creature as mother or mama. But that’s enough to give the creeps in whole movie. I don’t know the child actress name, unfortunately their name was not stated in credits, but they living the character, can blend with the situation in this movie and make the message of this horror short movie delivered to viewers successfully.

As many horror movies, Mama start with night scene, and in bed time. In an ordinary girls room, an older sister, Lily is waking up her younger sister, Victoria, hastily, told her their mama is back. I think the creator should put a little music in this scene to turn on the atmosphere. Then the sisters are fully awake now and go downstairs. Victoria take her fish bowl with her, I don’t know why should a fish bowl… Ngapain repot2 yak?

Screen Shot sort film Mama
For a subtitle fans like me, this horror short movie gives english subtitle too, yeeeaaaahhh..

They go down the stairs slowly. Only a few lamp is turn on, exclude lamp in stairs. In the ground floor, Lily try to open a door (to get out from that house), maybe that door is connected to living room. But as I had expected, it was locked. There is a kitchen in the other side from the stairs. The lamp is on. Lily told Victoria not to look to the kitchen and just try help her to open the locked door. (In this scene, the fish bowl is missing, BTW)

As Victoria seeing the kitchen a creature, their ‘Mama’ is coming, showing its shape. It’s look like human being, its feet stay up the floor normally. Its body like a normal woman, but its waving hair and face are creepy. The way it walks is very strange and stiff. Added with the startling sound effects, this scene will make you frightened.

As their mama knows her children wake up and see her, she begin to chase them, AS FAST AS A GHOST can be, in a trice. Before that, luckily, they manage to go upstairs. Lily success to hide in one of the rooms, but not Victoria. Lemot keknya ni anak.. duh.. >.<

As Lily lock the door from inside, Victoria can’t enter the room, and she only hiding near the door, peeking the hall. si eneng ga bisa nemu cara lain buat sembunyi, kasian dah..

Screen Shot sort film Mama
peeking time..

We know this ‘peeking scene’ can build more horrifying scene. Mama feels one of her daughters still seeing her and running to her, with full speed. shabhaaaaarr buuuukk…

Ending scene is the climax scene. You should see it with eyes wide open. Hehe..

Overall this horror short movie is worth to watch. If you dare, you can watch it alone and turned the volume up.

If you already see the Mama movie, they are not in the same storyline FYI. But they are put the love of a mother, in the next level (?). Again, mother’s love is above all love in universe.

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