Will Sherlock Season 5 be too Boring?

Seriously, please the creator of Sherlock series, below:

When will all of you write Sherlock season 5? I really really wait for it!

Sherlock with Millennial Taste

I am fan of this series. I do. And I am happy when watching the series. I don’t know why, but the series all episodes can boosting my mood. Make me happy, and I really enjoy it. Even I watch Sherlock almost 3 times, include now. Hehe..

I don’t know now, if  Benedict Cumberbatch would become Sherlock Holmes again, if Sherlock season 5 aired. He already known for Doctor Strange. yeah.. well.. but I hope he will. and still play character of Sherlock in best way.

And Martin Freeman already busy too with another projects, I guess. He is good in Cargo, and in Black Panther too. He was in best in The Hobbit. I think his expression in Sherlock will not be replaced, and he is so good become Sherlock best friend.

Really. this series should go and aired this year or next year. The last episodes was last year. And I am really sure, it’s not just me, but all Sherlock fans, need Sherlock season 5.

Screen Shot Sherlock series
Sherlock season 2 episode 1

I remember reading Sherlock novel when I was in high school. But maybe the story was too complicated, I was not interested at that time. I prefer to read Agatha Christie’s novel, especially when the main character is Hercule Poirot.

But when I saw the series 1-4 and the movies, Sherlock was become more interesting for me. The way of Benedict Cumberbatch presented Sherlock character in 2000 is very good to see, as if he lives today. 

See my another review on Shaun The Sheep Season 5. An interesting stop motion animation review and this bird movie 2, that never get me bored to watch it.

Update on July 2020 – Sherlock season 5 in New Normal?

How come Sherlock season 5 is still not coming out?? Why are you do this Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat, Stephen Thompson?

We really need this series in lock down and new normal era. Maybe love hate Sherlock vs Watson can make our new normal brighter than before. Or maybe one of Sherlock story can be implemented in new normal era? With a lot of books of Sherlock such as:

  • The Sign of [the] Four
  • The Valley of Fear
  • The Lost World

and many more titles with interesting story, can be more interesting and attract Gen Z to watch the new Sherlock series too. It will be a great story if the creator of the Sherlock series can make it more relevant in this pandemic and new normal phase, way more attractive to the audience. Don’t forget to insert character such as The Woman and Moriarty and put E-sport such as PUBG or FreeFire to the episode. Do you have any interesting idea?

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