Sudah Pernah Pakai Lagu Tiktok Paling Viral dan Populer Berikut?

Daftar lagu Tiktok paling viral dan populer yang bisa kamu jadikan pilihan untuk video Tiktok kamu.

The formation of Igor Moiseyev Ballet Dancers

When I was seeing a video about Amazing Japanese Precision, I saw a post from Igor Moiseyev Ballet was show up in ‘up next’ video list below the video, titled Yablochko. Who is Igor Moiseyev? Wikipedia said Igor Moiseyev is a choreographer of character dance. He is so talented choreographer that can created more than 200Continue reading “The formation of Igor Moiseyev Ballet Dancers”

The Power of Sergei Polunin 2020

I found this video of Sergei Polunin on Youtube a few months ago. He is an Ukrainian ballet dancer, not just a classic ballet but a ballet in a cool way, maybe because of his tattoos in his body that look like line made by a pencil on white paper. You can see his workContinue reading “The Power of Sergei Polunin 2020”