The Power of Sergei Polunin 2020

I found this video of Sergei Polunin on Youtube a few months ago. He is an Ukrainian ballet dancer, not just a classic ballet but a ballet in a cool way, maybe because of his tattoos in his body that look like line made by a pencil on white paper. You can see his work at ‘Take Me to Church’ by Hozier at youtube, thanks to Escuela Terpsicore.

In 4 minutes video, I can see the power of Sergei Polunin

  • How he bounces
  • Flying high without unseen strings or any tools
  • The backflip only with one hand
  • Very high kick, etc.

All difficult moves seem so easy to him, that could be very difficult to make for a person like me😅. I mean if you combine gymnastic with ballet in one row seamless yet powerful and beautifully, you are already mastering both ballet and gymnastic skill and technique. Another power of Sergei Polunin is he can control his breath after doing all movement, although his energy might be drained away, but he can regulate his breathing in such a way that it didn’t look too breathless.

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With no shirt and clothes only short for ballet, I feel what he wanted to say with his move in this video. I find him confused, desperate, already done everything, and looked like thinking hard: what did I do wrong? Well, I am not a fan of ballet or doing any ballet dance in my life, but I can feel the message he brought to audience. That is an achievement I guess, for a dancer can communicate their language using their body and movement, oh that is one of the power of Sergei Polunin too.

Fun fact about Sergei Polunin 2020

  1. The tattoo ballet dancer is already married. He is now married to Maria Vinogradova, another Bolshoi ballerina.
  2. His net worth of $100,000 – $1M at the age of 30, this year. What an achievement!
  3. He was the youngest principal dancer ever the Royal Ballet. The ‘bad boy of ballet’, said some people. But I don’t think he is bad, he is just a good dancer and wants to express his thoughts and feelings freely.
  4. He never regrets anything. What a cool man!
  5. He was the subject of the documentary feature film “Dancer” produced by Gabrielle Tana.

Many of his work uploaded in Youtube, still you can see the power of Sergei Polunin too here:

What is He Doing Now

During pandemic many performer an not perform in front of to many audiences. How about Sergei Polunin? He was still dancing in the rain, still with power and no fail.

How cute!

Hope he will doing something like online performance in his instagram live or in Youtube live.

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