The formation of Igor Moiseyev Ballet Dancers

When I was seeing a video about Amazing Japanese Precision, I saw a post from Igor Moiseyev Ballet was show up in ‘up next’ video list below the video, titled Yablochko.

Who is Igor Moiseyev?

Wikipedia said Igor Moiseyev is a choreographer of character dance. He is so talented choreographer that can created more than 200 dances for his company, the Moiseyev Ballet. He had many award from the Soviet Union and many other countries such as Russian Federation State Prize, UNESCO Mozart Medal, etc. For his services, he was awarded the highest civilian decoration of the Russian Federation, Order of Merit for the Fatherland, 1st class.

This very talented person died in 2007, but until now you can see his works in his company’s youtube.

The Moiseyev Ballet Dance that Blow Your Mind

Have you seen this dance all over in Youtube some years ago? This dance become viral, not just because came from Russia with Russian titled ‘Yablochko’, and the dancers use uniform with perfect movement and military precision. The dancers always smile from the beginning of their dance and they looked very compact in doing every dance moves.

I don’t understand any dance technique and never do dance before, but this dance is really neatly packed together and we can enjoy the performance. The thumbnail image of this video was like a good formation of military march and in some way attract audience to click and watch the video. Maybe if the title in English, it will attract more audience.

Igor Moiseyev Youtube Channel
High kick and smile

Another Viral Igor Moiseyev Ballet Dance, in Youtube

I clicked the Igor Moiseyev Ballet Youtube channel and found this video titled Summer.

It was a beautiful dance moves and with good precision. I thought this was one of Igor Moiseyev masterpiece. How did this guys and girls not crush with each other? Of course they are doing it seamlessly without fail. This video get high views too, higher than ‘Yablochko’.

Igor Moiseyev Ballet Dance in Youtube
The beautiful couple

At first you can see happy dancing couple, dancing in perfect moves, between many couples in their left and right. And then three man dancers dancing in group, followed by three woman dancers. The main attraction is when all dancers forming in a circle with holding hands and they are begin to spinning round. I feel this dance is about a group of young man and woman find their love. The music so energetic from the beginning. It’s an awesome dance!

Viral Igor Moiseyev Ballet Dance in youtube
The iconic part

You can see my article related ballet dancer here.

One of My Favorite Dance from Igor Moiseyev Ballet

I never see any dance about love even though I like everything related romance drama, especially when it mixed with mystery or comedy. One of my favorite dance is this dance titled One-act ballet «Spanish ballad».

I think this is about a beautiful woman that searching the meaning about love and end up with broken heart and tragic death. In her life, accidentally she made many men’s heart desperate for her love too. In the end, her love is unrequited love.

The Unique Moves from Igor Moiseyev Ballet

All dancers of Igor Moiseyev Ballet are very good in the way their dancing movement:

  • can march in precision.
  • the man are very neat in looks.
  • the girls are beautiful.
  • always smile and keep that smile until the end.
  • often stomping their feet.
  • can fly high without any wire.
  • high kick is a must.
  • can do gymnastics technique: flip with one hand.
  • play music while dancing
  • can do magic trick while dancing, etc.

I can see the meaning of the dance by seeing the moves and facial expressions from the dancer. Personally, I don’t really like ballet but my mind changes after I see Igor Moiseyev Ballet’s video.

All dance videos titled with English in Igor Moiseyev Ballet’s channel. And many English comments too. Well, it helps to gain more awareness to the dance video to the world, I guess. Especially when the organic video views is already in million numbers.

I hope Moiseyev Ballet could make another masterpiece in near fute, something similar to Summer and Yablochko.😊

What Igor Moiseyev Ballet’s Dancer Do in Pandemic?

The Igor Moiseyev Ballet’s Youtube channel post this video about how the dancers dancing at home during pandemic. Maybe this is new generations, but they are already can do the move precisely each other.

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