How to read Google Analytics Organic Channel Report?

How to read Google Analytics Organic Channel Report?
Organic channel report on Google Analytics, turn on cc to see English subs.

We know that Google Analytics is important. Is it necessary to pick a course of Google Analytics? Or we can learn it ourselves? That’s what I always ask fro myself, from run SEO campaign 3 years ago. I think, there are some data reports that we have to learn from a course, but there are also things that we can learn on our own.

Tips: use Google Analytics demo account to learn the dashboard.

Google Analytics Home, your report in 1 page

This is a very basic on how to read Google Analytics reports. Google Analytics provides excerpt in Home tab. You can see numbers of users, revenue, conversion rate, sessions, active users, top active page, etc. You can change the time period here.

Fact: Google Analytics can’t do these data! Check it out!

Acquisition Report Tab, your visitors sources

Google Analytics acquisition report
Google Analytics acquisition report

In this tab, you will know overview, all traffic report, Google ads, search console, social and campaigns. Click each tab to know more how to read those Google Analytics specific reports. For example, if you want to know more session number from impression and clicks reports on search console, click search console tab.

In overview, you can see excerpt of Acquisition, such as pie chart of sources, line chart of users and conversion, table of acquisition, behavior and conversion for each sources. If you have any question about how to read Google Analytics acquisition reports, relax, you can contact me here.

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Then, how to read Google Analytics Organic Channel Report? Is it easy to understand?

Google Analytics all traffic channels report
Google Analytics all traffic channels report

It depends, some new users seeing this line graph can make them dizzy, and maybe looking for someone expert to read this, and some experts because they are too good, they explain to you with a level that you can not digest too.

Basically, this report become important when you do an SEO campaign. Checking session, users, news users, bounce rate, page/session, avg. session duration, and conversion from period of time. Click Organic Search to see the full report and check your organic traffic there.

Step by step how to read Organic channel report in Google Analytics:

  1. Open then sign in.
  2. Click Acquisition tab.
  3. Click All Traffic tab.
  4. Click Organic Search.

You will see Primary Dimension: Keywords, Source, Landing Page and other. See Keywords to see what keywords make visitor come to your website, you will see keywords (not provided) there, but don’t worry, you can see the detail keywords on Acquisition -> Search Console tab.

Then you can check sources of search engine your visitors come from, mostly come from google, off course. The last, check your Landing Page that give you high numbers of sessions, user or conversion.

These column tell you about how well your SEO campaign in period of time. Maybe the high number of users, doesn’t mean high number of conversion. You can check the bounce rate too, which page has high bounce rate. For specific keywords, are they already relevant to your website?

Checking organic channel report, can make you understand how your visitors search in search engine, where they landing, what source they use to search, what page that have high conversion after they searching?

That’s it? Is this the best way how to read Google Analytics Organic channel reports? Well, I just tell you the basic, because this basic Organic channel reports, tells you the basic performance of your SEO campaign and what your visitors search in search engine.

Still confused? Sometimes, I confused too, but relax, we can learn this together.

If you have any question, click below and we can read organic channel report on Google Analytics together. For Free!

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