Spicy Garlic Pasta is Friends with Google Analytics

Spicy garlic pasta is friend wit google analytics

I like to cook pasta, because I think it is the easiest recipe I can make at home, and everybody can enjoy it. I guess, my pasta is considered delicious food at home.

The correlation between pasta and Google Analytics?

  • Well, sometimes, in the middle of sharing what I know about Google Analytics, I cook pasta too.
  • It looks simple to cook pasta, seems we know how to cook it, but to make it al dente, you should have a skill. Same like reading Google Analytics, seems like we know to read the dashboard, but no, you just know it, you should have a ‘skill’ to read the dashboard.
  • How long you should learn to read Google Analytics? Forever? haha, I guess so. Some expert will lead you with better explanation than Google support in how to read Google Analytics. How about pasta? Do you know, there are approximately 350 different types of pasta around the world? Seems like forever to know the shapes. You have to talk seriously about pasta shapes to the expert, exclude the recipes.
  • You can do experiment while cooking pasta or using Google Analytics. Maybe you can add oyster sauce and chili flakes to your pasta like Marion Grasby and testing Google Analytics, how Google Analytics count an active user on Realtime report.
  • You can see your performance in many tab report on Google Analytics, such as Audience Report, Acquisition report, Organic Report, User flow, etc. and you can see your performance directly from people eat your pasta. Are they enjoying eat your pasta, or they only see your pasta, not eat it.

Spicy Garlic Pasta recipes, very simple

You can see Marion Grasby youtube channel, Marion’s Kitchen to get simple recipes with great taste! I watch this video of her cooking spicy garlic butter linguini, and I want to cook right away. The taste is wonderfull, and my family like this pasta recipes, even without any topping.

After cooking pasta, watch how to set up Google Analytics in Blogspot, it’s a simple steps too. Just do this steps by steps:

  1. Login to your Google Analytics with your Google account.
  2. Create Google Analytics account and property.
  3. Copy your UA code from property.
  4. Paste the UA code into your Blogspot, in settings tab.
  5. Done!

Maybe you can enjoy your pasta while watching my Google Analytics tutorial too. Both are easy and simple to do.

3 responses to “Spicy Garlic Pasta is Friends with Google Analytics”

  1. That pasta sure looks enticing and mouth watering 😋😋😋


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