Why we still use Google Search Console?

google search console performance

There are some updates on Google Search Console that really matters to SEO beginners or blogger, such as Page experience metric and Core web vitals metric.

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My traffic is already awesome!

Why do I still need to run SEO campaign?

Why we still use Google Search Console now?

If you do SEO campaign for your website or blog or for your client’s website, you have to use it. This is my list of why you should use Google Search Console:

  • You can check performance of keywords there, well you can see it too on Google Analytics, and you will see there is a ‘not provided’ and ‘not set’ keywords that give massive traffic to your website, BUT you can’t see those keywords. See the performance tab, queries, you will see so many keywords that give you impression and click to your website. Even you can filter the keyword with non brand keyword and implement it to your SEO content. If people like your content related some topics and they click, you can keep use it.
  • Other than that, you can check opportunity of non brand keywords that you can implement to your content, use filtering option and search specific keyword there, and if there is high impression but low click, you can start to create content with that keyword. It means people search it and see your website when typing this keyword, but not clicking, so you just provide them the content using this keyword. This is one of the reason why use Google Search Console, before using another SEO tools.
  • Easy understanding menu. First time I see this tool, I see a simplicity and something that’s not too complicated. When you are confused about all menus, you can search it in internet, and they are really easy to digest, compare to Google Analytics.
  • You can see position of your page in Google search. You don’t have to use other apps to know your ranking, just go to Performance, Pages and click ‘Average Position’ above. You will see what URLs that have high ranking.
  • Submit your new page to URL inspection, so Google will tell you something like this: URL is (or is not) on Google, and you can REQUEST INDEXING your URL. Isn’t a useful tool? You can see sitemap discovery, indexing, and last crawl of the URL there.
  • You can see your newest sitemap status here, with last read and discovered URL. Check all your sitemap status and submit your new sitemap here.
  • Next reason why use Google search console, with new filter option custom Regex on performance, you can see various similar keywords performance, just in 1 page.
  • You can remove URLs of your website in Google Search using Removals menu. Click New request and follow the steps. Google will help you in the next step.
  • Page experience and Core web vitals metric. You will see something like this: Your site has no URLs with a good page experience on Page experience section and page experience signal information. Always check Core web vitals performance to fix some issues on your website.
  • Check Crawl status, to know how many times your website and last time your website is crawled. Check list URLs by response status, file type and bot type.

What is Google Search Console? Is it important?

Yes, absolutely. You can have many information from this simple tools. What always amaze me is this tool is way more simple than Google Analytics, but this tool can give you some insight for your next SEO campaign. There are bunch of information what is Google search console in internet, overall this is an awesome free tool from Google, with simple setup and can generate many informations in a simple and understandable format, even for a SEO beginner like me. The menus are less than Google Analytics, straight to the point, even need some times to understand one menus, I guarantee, they are easier to understand than Google Analytics or Google ads dashboard.

google search console performance

Google search console is worth to see. You can see what happened on your website, not just performance of content but also performance of your website. Google help SEO beginner too as it has some tools that can be used in easy way. Since this tool is free and always regulary updated, I think you can start to check your Google search console performance.

Finally, I write about this cool tool, that I believe SEO expert use this as one of their favourite tool. Please comment below. You can see interesting article and tips here, SEO tips here, and Google Analytics articles here.

4 responses to “Why we still use Google Search Console?”

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  3. […] namanya adalah Google Webmaster. Entah kenapa saya lebih suka tampilan dulu. Di Google Search Console ini, kita bisa cek performance impression, click, CTR, position, issue di website, report Page […]


  4. […] namanya adalah Google Webmaster. Entah kenapa saya lebih suka tampilan dulu. Di Google Search Console ini, kita bisa cek performance impression, click, CTR, position, issue di website, report Page […]


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