How Fat Am I – An Update

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Actually, this blog originally titled ‘Fat’ but I make an update in July 2020 by adding the title and content.

I feel like I become heavier every year. This is especially felt when I sleep in a left-leaning or right-leaning position, my body seems to collapse to one side only. Usually, not for long, my breath starts to get uncomfortable because the weight is only on one side. When going up the stairs too, my legs feel heavier lifting my body weight. I get lazy when I go up the stairs, I prefer to use the elevator. Even though every day I have to go up the stairs to get to my seat in the office.

What Google Say about How Fat Am I

Always ask Google. Just type what you want to ask. It’s an easier way than ask your Mom or friends. Maybe they will just laugh or say something like: I have told you not to eat too much rice or chocolate! Then you will trap in the image: fat versus skinny.

How Fat Am I
Body Fat Percentage

Hmmm.. I don’t understand what it is. In this calculator body fat you can count your body fat index. Make sure you write an exact number, don’t try to reduce it, just be honest hehe..

How Fat Am I body fat index
My Body Fat Percentage

Is it 26% a good sign? Do body fat make you fat?

How Fat Am I body fat percentage

Based on that table, my Fat is in acceptable row. But once you know it’s acceptable, doesn’t mean I can make my body fatter than today. I will be more difficult to sleep in a tilted position later.

Lockdown and New Normal for Fat Woman

By the way, still, I feel like I am fat, so I have to make my body to do more exercise. If I eat much, I need to move more. But lockdown and Work From Home make me lazier to move. I don’t have to go to the office and don’t have to go anywhere in 4 months, so it’s a little movement. Only do daily work at home like housewives usually do: cooking, washing, cleaning, eat, sleep, eat again, and off course, working. I just need to move a little to do all those things.

While the pandemic always haunting, expert say to stay health, wash your hand frequently, eat with balanced nutrition, drink more water, sleep on time, and workout. I am rarely workout, I just have to walk to my office from MRT station everyday in weekdays, about 500 steps, and standing on commuter, before lockdown and WFH. So now I never walk that far again and maybe the fat in my body more piling up because I rarely move anymore.

It’s hard if I don’t have any trigger to exercise or workout. Sometimes I just want to lay down all day, but that is impossible, as I have to do something, as small as cleaning the house or feed the cats.

Now my second neck under the chin and fat near belly button increasingly visible, even when I wear a loose shirt.

How Fat Am I ideal weight
My Ideal Weight

I am 158 cm, and this tool doesn’t have cm, only feet and inch. 131 lbs is about 59.4206kg and this is my ideal weight. That’s why I feel heavy to lift the body while going up the stairs.

But how about my body fat, it’s still in acceptable area, why is my the ideal weight is not in ideal area? So contradicting. But, let’s check another tool.

How Fat Am I body mass index

Let’s see… So… I AM overweight.

How Fat Am I BMI obese

So How Fat I Am? Any Side Effect?

Thanks to the tools like above, I can measure my BMI, my fat, my ideal weight. So I can do more movement at home, maybe cleaning the house twice, sounds crazy but yes, I may do that, eat less rice and more drinking water. I think, start to cycling or running is the easiest way to maintain these body fat issues.

My mother even think that my dyspepsia happened due to my fat belly. I gain weight of 5 kg in 1 year. Looking very full in belly and neck. My shirts feel quite narrow. A few months ago, I am fighting with dyspepsia and panic attacks almost every day. You can read about it in this link. Fortunately, I know what to do if my dyspepsia and panic attack happened now. Positive thinking and reduce the stress in my mind is important too. Sometimes, people don’t understand the correlation between a panic attack and dyspepsia, well, they just never know and feel it.

The side effect to know all numbers of BMI, Fat percentage and Ideal weight is to know more about my body. So I know, ow, I am already fat, time to move on to a little bit not too fat, to make my body lighter and easier to move. It’s not about what people say, but the important thing is what my body say to me, the signal from my body.

What do you think about Body Fat now?

You can use another tools in internet, sometimes the calculator gives various result. It’s not about the result, it’s about big picture how a fat become a benefit to your body, not to make you overweight or obese.

How Fat Am I overweight calculator
My weight is normal based on this tool
How Fat Am I ideal weight
so this is ideal weight, wow 56kg!!
How Fat Am I body fat calculator
Okay, still average
How Fat Am I BMI calculator
Near to Overweight.

If you see another tool like above, it makes you think again. This is World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendation for BMI Adults.

How Fat Am I BMI range
I’m still in normal near the overweight area
How Fat Am I bmi who
The graph BMI from WHO speaks loudly

Do you have more side effect seeing this graph and recommendation from WHO? so why are there so many people still have a lot of fats on their body and they are still okay?

Overall they are only tools to make it easier to check our body, if we regularly checking the body, it means that we love our body, happy to have our body. Not just to become ideal weight or skinny, but to accept anything we can improve to make our body more comfortable, as in my case, in sleep and climbing the stairs.

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