Review Shaun The Sheep Season 3

Hi there! Watching some series for kids, sometimes, can make us more relax and laugh, because of the content of the story is easy to understand and intermezzo of comedy and cuteness here and there.

Here’s my Review Shaun The Sheep Season 3. Since season 1, this sheep series already catching my eyes. This bunch of fluffy curly white wool sheep with black face, hands and feet success makes me laugh in season 1 and 2. Unique story with stop motion animation, makes me eager to watch it repeatedly.

Screen Shot Review Shaun The Sheep Season 3
Shaun The Sheep Season 3. Those big eyes.. ^^

Let’s Take A Look!

The main character, a sheep named Shaun, always made a day in barnyard with his amazing absurd idea. All animal in this serial can walk with their feet like a human. Until season 3, the farmer still doesn’t know about this! (bisak yeee) Sometimes I wondering how they can grab everything easily.

Shaun make a good friend with the farmer’s sheepdog, Bitzer. An old dog with whistle, organize everything in the barnyard, from sheep to pig, a hard task for a an old dog. The duo sometimes working as a team. Shaun’s nephew, Timmy, known for its serial in Timmy time, plays in all serial too.

In Shaun The Sheep season 3, there’s an episode titled Skateboard. As usual, creative Shaun get an idea to make a skateboard for sheep (AWESOME) and have a success to make it. This causing a mess for henhouse but in the end, Bitzer take part and mixed skateboard and henhouse into henhouse with wheels (DOUBLE AWESOME!)

Screen Shot Review Shaun The Sheep Season 3
thumbs up!

mantap gannnnn…

Where do I know about Shaun The Sheep?

3 or 4 years ago (?) I see this series on local tv channel. First, It looks like just a boring cartoon animation doll (?) series, just for kids. Don’t want to watch it. But after seeing the snapshots and it become viral here in my hometown, I decide to see the one of episode of Shaun The Sheep.

Until I try to find out how to make Shaun The Sheep series. Wow! It’s amazing process. The sets are in miniature, all the characters are so cute and made in detail. Great job for the production team and all teams involved that create this amazing series! They create and design each part of body of Shaun and all characters in very detail in every expression and moves. They using camera to get every shots of every moves and combine it into a motion. The storyline are light and based on daily events in a farm house, easy to understand for all age and make us laugh too.

Screen Shot Review Shaun The Sheep
The guy in green jacket is the owner of Shaun

Well, after see one after another episode, I enjoy this series unexpectedly!

Here are some tips to see Shaun The Sheep series:

  1. Get your own snacks or biscuits. It’s fun to see the series with snacks.
  2. Invite your little bros/sister/nephew/niece to watch the series. You should not laugh alone.
  3. Take your time not seeing all season in 1 time. 1 episode every day or every week, so you won’t get bored quickly seeing same series at once.

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Shaun have a friend from space named Lulu now. A blue purple sheep look alike without fur from space. You can see it here. Maybe I will seeing this new Shaun The Sheep series with Lulu in the near future.

Screen Shot Review Shaun The Sheep Season 3

That’s All! BTW, You can see Shaun The Sheep Season 3 here and enjoy the show!

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