Top 5 ghost Youtube channels, you should watch.

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Watching these ghost Youtube channel sometimes makes me terrified, because of the ‘real’ ghost capture in every video. It’s not for Halloween consumption only, but you can watch it in every week in every month.

  • Nuke’s Top 5. This channel contains mostly ghost video capture on camera. Sometimes the Youtuber use video from the viewers send to him, or from another Youtube channel, Tiktok, and Facebook. You can see many paranormal activity, mystery and scary videos there too. Did you see it?

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  • Chills. Similar to Nuke’s Top 5, Chills really have many videos that can make you chills and frightened. It contains not only ghost video, many mysterious, horror and scary videos are in this channel too.
  • Slapped Ham. Don’t be fooled by the channel logo that looks cute with not too scary name. Slapped Ham is one of Youtube channel ghost that I know. The youtuber always show his face in the videos, different than Nuke’s Top 5 and Chills.
  • BuzzFeed Unsolved Network. Are ghost real? Shane and Ryan always make this series become very interesting to watch and.. funny.. (for a ghost Youtube channel), I guess. I like how Shane and Ryan building a conversation in every episode.
  • Sir Spooks. I just see his videos and found it similar to Nuke’s top 5 channel, so I watched it.

Plus! Exploring With Josh is a channel specific to make you be brave when exploring abandoned and sometimes haunted places all over the world. I think he and his team are true explorers. I include his channel to ghost Youtube channel because he explore very haunted place and get creepy footage in his video. Josh sometimes collaborate with Steve Ronin, another Youtuber explorer. They explore Ape Cave and found a little girl inside the cave.

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Another ghost and mystery Youtube channel will tell you the creepiest story:

  1. Mr. Nightmare
  2. CreepsMcPasta
  3. Chilling Tales for Dark Nights

Do you have any other suggestions about ghost Youtube channel list? Please comment below.

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