Synopsis and Review Lights Out Short Movie

I feel that sometimes a horror movie is too boring because of the long duration of the film. The fear will become less, almost dissapear, minute after minute. But, if the horror film was made to be shorter, boredom disappears, it turns higher tense. Things that make fear immediately served due to the limited duration of the film.

Now, I want to share about my synopsis and review Lights Out Short Movie. I find this horror Lights Out short movie from someone’s blog in an

You can search it in Youtube or just click this Lights Out Short Movie.

Like other horror movies, it’s very common starting with ‘night scene’ such as in this movie, best time to get people afraid. Placing in an ordinary house hold not a spooky one. This Lights Out short movie only played by a woman and a creature. The creature with messy hair, thin and tall shows up not far from the beginning of the movie, with dark background and always in the shadows, and you can see clearly the shape of the creature but you can’t see the face.  It looks like a human being at a glance, but it’s not, cause only show it self when the light is turned off (at first I thought, the creature is not too terrifying, just like a bad man standing there seeing us quietly).

Screen Shot Lights Out Short Movie
Ordinary woman and not ordinary creature

I feel higher tension at one-third of this movie when the woman start to turn on and turn off the lamp in the hall repeatedly. Well, it’s not very wise, because the creature will come closer to her every time the light’s out. >.<. I don’t understand, why she doesn’t screaming.

lagian ibuk, udah kereng banget itu bendanya kalau dimatiin lampunya, ngapa di cetrek2 terus sih itu stop kontakkk?? BTW, you can see many sentences in italic like this in my synopsis and review Lights Out short movie, it tells about what I thought in Bahasa Indonesia slang.

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Next scene, though the creature likes darkness, the woman turn off the lights and try to sleep instead. Thinking what she saw is just her illusion. She let the lamp on in hall and open her door a little. Why she open it? >.<

Yee..  si ibuk nih yee, enel2.. dah ga teriak, ga tilpun pak RT, ga cari pertolongan… gubrak..

But it’s not just an imagination, the creature can turn off the lamp in the hall (WHAT!), comes to her room and stand in the dark side of her room (she only turn on the lamp table, and the room lamp is off). The woman seeing this from her bed, start to frightened and hide under her blanket. We can see this ‘hiding under blanket’ in many horror movies, maybe the blanket represent best shield against bad thing?

The terrifying effect starts become more annoying and scared me in this scene. As audience, we can feel what the woman feel. Tension gets higher and higher, expressed by the woman grabbing the blanket tighter.

Mana mungkiiiiinnn selimut tetangggaaaaaa….

Unfortunately, the creature knows to turn off the lamp table too. It plays with it, turning on and off many times. Gives horror to the woman. The terror stops when she try to reach the portable power outlet under the bed. Well, pretty smart creature.. ^^

Screen Shot Lights Out Short Movie
I don’t expected this item will show up in a horror movie.

Next, the woman uncover her self bravely, showing her head and seeing the hall. Everything looks good, the hall’s light is on, lamp table is on but in low light.

Next it’s an epic scene. The camera focus in lamp table then suddenly it’s off. This is not the end of the movie. You can seeing the face of the creature clearly in the end, with the light’s on.

Ngeri brooo…

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Tips while watching Lights Out Short Movie

Here are some special tips from me:

  • Provide your own snacks and water/soda. It’s short movie but still can make you want to see it over and over again
  • Always have a blanket or little pillow on your lap. It’s horror movie and always have jump scare here and there.
  • Ask your friend/sister/bros to join this short horror movie. Don’t make yourself feel scared alone.

That all my synopsis and review Lights Out Short Movie. I saw this Lights Out Short Movie many times, when the first time I saw it, I startled many times. How about you?

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