How to do SEO for your name or personal SEO


I randomly searching my colleague name on Google Search, and the result is very interesting. Most of them showing the Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts and or in website for job seeker in the top 10 blue links. Rare of them showing in another website such as an news, article or blog.

Why you need to SEO your name?

Sometimes, I think, if you are in this digital world, even if you are not a digital marketer, you still need a website, at least a blog, to ‘tell’ something or a story about yourself to the internet world. Why? So people can ‘know’ you more, and they don’t go to Facebook or Linkedin just to searching you or know what you are doing right now. Here are some other reason:

  1. Personal branding. You will see how search engine think about you and how your name or others name similar to you, appear in search engine. Think about your name as your brand, how do you want people know yourself?
  2. Thanks to Google and paragraph snippet, searcher will know directly on Google search about you and yourself.
  3. Feels no reputation? Write SEO content or simply a blog, create an about you page and your achievement in work or life. Check SEO tips here.
  4. Having bad reputation? Eliminate with content SEO, it will push down the negative keyword about your name.

Now, after you already know a little bit of why using SEO for your name, let’s go to how to create personal SEO for your name!

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How to create personal SEO for your name, it’s easy:

  • Create Google My Business. Go to and create your own GMB. GMB is very good for local SEO business, with many free features from Google. If you don’t have any business or service, don’t worry, I have another way.
  • Make a blog. You don’t have to spend some money to create .com blog, use free blog such as WordPress or Blogspot. Don’t forget to make the ‘about page’ or ‘contact us’ page! Write some article that you really want people know you regularly.
  • Make a Youtube channel with your specialities or your interest. I put my interest to mystery and horror stories and digital marketing on my Youtube channel.
  • Join Linkedin. It’s a professional platform and will show a little bit of your position now, at least in meta title.
  • Make a specific tweets on your twitter about yourself, maybe about your interest, hobbies or your job. Google search sometimes showing tweet result, make your personal SEO on your twitter account.
  • Quora is one of the easiest way to SEO your name. I do this myself and try to help people by answering their simple question. Upload your picture and update your information there.
  •, it’s similar like Linkedin, but in simple way. It looks like a mini website contain photo and a few text about yourself. You can put your URL too. Check it here

How do you think? Please comment below. You can see interesting article and tips here, SEO tips here, and Google Analytics articles here.

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