For a new blogger, this is the easiest way to add Facebook chat to your blog!

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In this automation era, we need to put a chatting machine in our website to communicate with potential customer or client or friend that stopping by to our blog. We need to answer their question faster than ever too. Sometimes we aren’t always stand by and waiting people to visit our website or blog, or we have time to answer people’s question or request. That’s why many chat bot company offering their product to solve this.

This is how to add Facebook chat to blog or website:

  1. Go to your WordPress account. Log in.
  2. Click WordPress logo in top left.
  3. Choose Tools, then choose Plug in.
  4. Click Install Plugin button, type The Official Facebook Chat Plugin by Facebook, then install.
  5. Or you can search The Official Facebook Chat Plugin by Facebook, then click install.
  6. You are done!

After installing the Facebook chat, what should you do next?

You have to setting the plugin. Don’t worry, it’s simple. Click Setup Customer Chat, then choose your Facebook Page. Don’t forget to change the language and customize your message. Set your chat color and your customer response time, and click finish.

Tip: Make a short and attractive message to grab your visitor’s attention, not just a template message.

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This is another way to how to add Facebook chat from Facebook account:

  1. Login to your Facebook account, choose your page.
  2. Go to Manage Page and choose Setting (gear shape).
  3. Choose Messaging from the left menu.
  4. Find ‘Add Messenger to your website’ and click Get Started. Pop up window will appear, click Next. Choose your language, set your greeting message, click next. Choose your custom color for the chat, choose your chat position, click automatically expand chat to grab your potential customer, click Next. Add your domain, then choose your way to put the code, by copy-paste the code or email.
  5. Click Finish, then click Done.

You can set up your Messenger conversation and who’s sending messages too in this Messenger setting.

Caution! If you want to add Facebook chat on WordPress!

You have to subscribe to WordPress Business plan to add Facebook chat or messenger to your blog or website. If you only subscribe Personal plan, you can’t add this plugin. If you upgrade to Business plan, you can install any plugin you need into your website.

It’s easy to add Facebook chat, right? Don’t forget to see another interesting tips and how-to in my blog here! Please comment below!

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