Free courses for Digital Marketing: SEMrush academy (with certification)

lisda ikhwantini semrush academy

Searching for free courses with certification to become a great digital marketer? You can choose SEMrush academy, it’s free and quite complete! BTW, SEMrush just changed its logo recently.

What is SEMrush academy? Is it free?

I think SEMrush is one of the best freemium digital marketing tools we can get in internet. SEMrush is well known to experts in the digital marketing field because it is one of the most complete tools.

SEMrush create many courses in its website, called SEMrush academy. For courses, SEMrush in collaboration with best teachers such as Greg Gifford, Eric Enge, Ross Tavendale, etc. who are well known and experienced in their fields. You can join the courses based on your interest and take the certification for free. BTW, I know some experts such as Chase Reiner, Craig Campbell, and many experts from SEMrush youtube or webinar.

Step by step to do courses in SEMrush academy:

site audit semrush Lisda
  1. Go to
  2. Pick your course in
  3. Choose your courses from SEO, SEMrush tools, Content Marketing, PPC, SMM, and Competitive Research.
  4. Get your certification by go to
  5. Choose your exam matches the course you studied earlier and fill in all the questions.
  6. You will get a certificate if you pass the exam and you can share to your social media.

SEMrush academy SEO fundamentals, one of the courses you can take for the beginning

In this course, you will learn search engine basics, technical SEO, link signal, on-page signal, SEO mobile, international SEO, etc. It’s quite complete for a fundamental SEO. The way Greg Gifford delivers his course material is quite understandable, even for beginners. Each learning topic has several sub topics. If English is not your native language, you can click subtitle button on video or you can read the transcription below the video.

SEMrush academy SEO fundamentals Lisda Ikhwantini

After you watch the video lesson, click continue, or you can click ‘read further’ and ‘put into practice’ tab to know more and to get a mini test. After 31 topics or lessons is taken, you will get course result and you can download your achievement image. This is only announcement that you already complete the course, not as an certification. You should take SEO Fundamentals Exam to get a certification.

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SEMrush academy keyword research

Many SEO specialist using SEMrush for keyword research, but you can have keyword research courses here too. Take the course with Greg Gifford to know more the topics and get your certification. With 8 informational courses, you can get well prepare for the exam.

It is better to increase knowledge about digital marketing from SEMrush academy, since it’s free and from a well known SEO tools. More interesting article SEO, check this Lisda Blog.

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