Is there a Facebook support chat? Can it really help us?

contact facebook support team

If you want to ask anything to Facebook support, you can use Facebook Support Chat.

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How can I chat with Facebook support and contact them?

Facebook from long ago have a Facebook support chat. Long ago, it’s a human, not a bot, because Facebook support always answering my question, such as create invoicing system, Instagram shopping, verifying Instagram and Facebook account, asking about billing. They are really try to support and help me in anything related to Facebook. I guess Facebook have many people working from anywhere with a job to reply any question in Facebook support chat.

Facebook contact support chat
  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Go to (I go to this page in December 2020, but no content inside, with this sentence: Sorry, this content isn’t available right now 😦 ).
  3. Find Chat button, and chat to Facebook Support.
  4. You will get reply from support. The chat support looks like a bot, because of the sentence they use on chat, too formal and robotic?
  5. Then the support will end the chat if you already done asking or requesting. The Facebook support will email you about your issue maximum in 3 days. Make sure you tell the support your active email address. They will give you Facebook support ticket, remember to reply your request based on your ticket, so the Facebook support will have exact history from your previous request on chat.

Pro tips: Go to if you can’t open

Years back, I have 2 options on Facebook business help, chat, and email button. I prefer to use email since I can ask for anything more detailed than in chat. While my friend prefers to click the chat button to get answered faster than email. But now, it’s only 1 option for Facebook chat support, not email support. So the flow will be like this: Facebook business help -> Chat button -> Facebook support will email you.

Can I talk to a live person at Facebook?

Unless you have Facebook managed or account manager for your Business Manager or specific industry that Facebook handle such as political campaign, you can not discuss directly to Facebook representative. You can have Facebook account manager if your ad account spent around $30K in 3 months, with $10K per month. You have to make sure your ad account already past $30K in 3 months, so you can ask Facebook to give you an account manager. Or if you lucky enough, they will reach you by email registered to your ad account, and give you a call or they will give you a Whatsapp number.

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Help and support on Facebook homepage

If you have any issue such as: can I recover my FB account,  restore my account, report a problem, you can simply do these steps:

  1. Go to your Facebook homepage or go to and then sign in.
  2. Click inverted triangle on the top right corner.
  3. Choose Help & Support from the drop down menu.
  4. There are 4 options for help and support that you can choose such as Help Center, Help Community, Support Inbox, Report a Problem. You can pick one.

Tips: If you want faster response, choose Report a Problem, then Something went wrong. Choose an area you want to report (if you can’t find the area, choose Other), with details and screenshot.

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