How to create SEO friendly blog post 2020? You can try this in 10 minutes!

You can do this! In this post, you will know how to create SEO friendly blog post, whether you are a SEO expert or just an ordinary blogger like me, you can do it in just 10 minutes.

First you have to do a keyword research.Then, what is the best keyword research tool for SEO?

Before you write or create a post, you have to do a little research for your keyword. There are so many keyword research tool for SEO out there, make you think, what is the best keyword research tool for SEO? The answer is, it depends. Some people use paid keyword research tool and the other prefer to use free keyword research tool. Both need some extra cash to get more result or more metrics such as exact volume.

How to create SEO friendly blog post 2020 Semrush plan
SEMrush plan and pricing

Then how to create SEO friendly blog post using keyword research tool? First you have a topic on your mind, use it as a keyword, you can use as many as words for a keyword, this is what I called long tail keywords. Then, go to your Keyword Research tool. If you have paid keyword research tools such as SEMrush, you can type it on Keyword Overview and analyze it. But if you don’t have any paid keyword research tool, you can use search listening tools such as and Keywordseverywhere to get idea.

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You can do a keyword research without tools!

I am serious! I have idea of topic and I type in on Google Search. Why Google? Because I want my post become at least up to page 3, if I am in page 1, wow, maybe I will scream. Google will give you so many articles related to that topic. Now, use the topic as your keyword, and think like a user. If a user wants to know more about something, he/she will type it in Google Search and he/she will get many ‘answers’ related to the question.

This is your chance to know how to create SEO friendly blog post, find the SERP in Google Search, such as People Also Ask, People Also Search For, and Searches related to.. on the bottom of Google Search. Do you see any keywords, questions or sentences that capture your eyes? If you see it, then copy it!

how to create SEO friendly blog post PAA
how to create SEO friendly blog post PASF and Searches related to

Open another tab and go to Google Search again, paste your desired keywords, questions or sentences. Then you will get your result. Copy and paste your keywords, questions or sentences once more, press control/command F to find exact keywords on that Google Search page. If you see many articles using exact keywords, then you have to search another keywords, BUT if you don’t see an article with the exact keywords, YOU CAN use that keywords on your post!

Still confused about how to create SEO friendly blog post?

Don’t worry, I give you the example.

I really like India song, especially from India movie. I want to make an article that have list of my favorite India song. So I have a topic, lagu India populer 2020, populer India song 2020 in english. I type it in Google Search, at that time I search the exact keywords, only 3-4 articles with the exact keyword: lagu India populer and no exact keyword: lagu India populer 2020.

So I decided to use lagu India populer 2020 as my keyword on my post. You can see the post lagu India populer 2020 here. The article using H2, lists, image capture from Youtube, and polling. I use 12 times of keywords: lagu India populer in this post with more than 600 words. I still use free wordpress at that time. I try to use Bahasa Indonesia to compete with another Indonesian websites. I believe tons of popular websites with high authority will beat me, but since I just want to post something that I like, I don’t really care about the result. I write, adding keywords, then publish the post and believe this is how to create SEO friendly blog post.

The result is good! This is out of my mind!

Yesterday, my post on page 1 Google Search! If you searching ‘lagu India populer 2020’, my article will be at the bottom of page 1. WOW! But today, when I search it again, my post go to page 2. Hahaha.. the competition is so tight here.

how to create SEO friendly blog post - search result lagu India populer 2020

Wait! Check your competitors!

This is a post that I create to know my ability of writing combine with a little knowledge of SEO. I am not hoping to be on page 1 or 2. Like I said before, just up to page 3. I screamed when I see my post on page 1. haha..

After you try way above on how to create SEO friendly blog post, don’t be sad if you are not in page 1. Click page 1, see the top 5 articles with your keywords. Then you will see what element they use on their post, that you don’t use on your post. Example, for my keywords: lagu India populer 2020, I see the number 1, beside using list, it use Youtube embedded video on each song. This is I don’t implement on my post, I will try to add this element. Another articles use the download button in each India song, hmm.. I prefer not to do this, since we battle with copyright of the artist. Mostly, articles in page 1 have limited content on the post, just Youtube embedded and link to download the song. Well, I go with the Youtube video link then.

What about your competitor blog? What are they do in their post? Does it have a research, infographic, engaged image, popular resource, best writer, or what? Examine it, if you want more detail what they do on their blog, just click one by one article on page 1 Google Search. You will have many insight from it. Then implement it on your post, or create a new one.

Make the best of you!

If you already using my steps above, then you will know how to create SEO friendly blog post 2020 now. You will believe that only searching your topic or idea on Google Search can give you many keywords and ideas. Peek your competitors too! Don’t just implement everything, but you don’t see the page 1 articles.

The steps is simple, right?

  1. You have an idea or topic.
  2. Searching it.
  3. Find PAA, PASF, Searches related to..
  4. Search what keywords you want. Copy it.
  5. Open another tab, search again with your desired keywords.
  6. See if any article use your exact keywords. If no article or few articles use that, use the keywords for your post.
  7. Put that keywords on your blog more than 10 times, with more than 600 words, then publish it.
  8. Search your post on Google, using the keywords you choose.

I think, this is the easiest thing to do. Next if you want to start to write a blog post SEO friendly, you can use my steps above. Now you know how to create SEO friendly blog post, then what are you waiting for? Let’s start it!

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