Answered! Does SEO really work?

Do you want more traffic to your website? Do you have a great content team? Do you think make placement on ads is enough? Do you want high traffic for a long time? Do you want your website attract people to buy your product? Do you have local business? Do you only have social media in your business? Do you have a little dollar on your pocket? Do you often see the questions above? Many people don’t, but I do.

I am working in agency with a few client use SEO since last year. Since my office prefers creative as material for sales, SEO ‘looks like’ an additional. I think if we are run a campaign in digital especially when client have a website, we need this thing called SEO, to optimize the website, get more traffic, get more sales on the website. Many clients even doesn’t realize while they request website revamp to a creative agency, they should use SEO to gain traffic again, as 1 package. So the website designer, front end, social media team, PR team, influencer team and SEO team can work together to gain the traffic.

Why Using SEO? Let’s See This!

Does SEO really work?

It’s too long to see the results! We want to see the result in 1 month!Why do you put many non brand article inside our website? We are not a news publisher. How much? Can we make it in only 1 month? We can not share you Google Analytics data.What is Search Console? We don’t have website, only Facebook and Instagram.

contact lisda ikhwantini

A website is an identity, like identity card. If you don’t have it, how people know that you are exist or registered as a citizen? How people know your product and verified social media if you don’t put it in 1 place? Every people need a home, imagine if we don’t have any home, where we have to put a lot of things such as information about who we are, explaining about our product or what we can do, our specific location, etc.

Oh we can do that on our Facebook or Instagram stories! It’s effective!

Really? Why using another home, if we can put that in our home and make people visit, make it more popular.

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Do you want some other people outside you region buying your meat and expanding your business? At least make people in your region and outside region know you, and if they know your product is the best in town, then they will spread it, using anything to make you viral and they can direct people to your website.

Does SEO really work?

We don’t need it, we are just local store selling meat.

If we have a new home. This is how it looks: We have to registered to local government, saying hello and being nice to neighbor or maybe invite them to your new home, being nice to everybody when go to work, pay a visit in local event and join any contest. Do anything until you are known by many people. It needs time to make more people visit our new home. Same with SEO. We need to register the website to Google, make technical website as good as we can, create related content about our product, tell about our story and product, create a digital activity/contest, make a relationship to influencer with send them our product to be reviewed, join local community brand in same industry, join CSR, write tutorial and tips and trick, etc. Yes, it will be a long story and need time to increase the traffic, but it works.

When it comes to budget, I think, SEO is cheaper than placing ads. Ads is an instant way to gain traffic. You can make placement in any channel, it will boost your performance in a flash, no need 6-12 months to get high traffic. 1 month is enough to gain your traffic in any channel, as long as we have money in ads. SEO is known for its durability, what you implement today, you will have the result in 6-12 months ahead.

Are you often better known as a class champion than your exact name? Example your name is Maya May June, but people only knows you as Maya. Many people out there named Maya. Then people will ask something like this: Do you know Maya? That class champion in high school? or here is another sample. You really love to wear yellow jacket every weekdays. People always see you wear that yellow jacket in the office and in the street. People will ask something like this: Do you know a woman with yellow jacket this morning? Or, do you know that yellow jacket woman? They maybe don’t know your name, but they know you always wear yellow jacket. So why using non brand keyword? If you use only brand keyword (your name only) on content, maybe a few people will know you. But if you use non brand keyword, you can reach more people that already know your brand (name) and people don’t know your brand (name).

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Does SEO really work?

Here’s interesting sample. You are selling meat in your town. You sell it with lower price than your competitor, with better quality. How will you can win with this competition? You make a good website with many products to buy in it. Still, the traffic to your website is still low. How about put some articles on website about tips to choose fresh meat, recipes about how to cook tenderloin, information where is tenderloin and sirloin inside cows body, etc. This article you share it to your social media and you share it to local event. Then people will find out about those article, search in Google and find your website. Put your different meat package in each article, so you start internal linking to page product. Then building your community and call any influencer, send them your sample product with some tips, ask them to post to their blog or social media. Don’t stop to make good relationship. Build your links inside your website (from a page/article to another page/article/product) and from outside your website. I guess, your traffic will increase in a few months ahead.

You should put Google Analytics and Google Search Console to know your performance of your website. If you don’t you will never know who is your audience, what is their behaviour, what did they do on your website, where they come from etc. It’s important to use these tools to know more about your website. Know your website and increase your traffic.

Does SEO really work?

Read my another article about Google Analytics is hard to understand.

Why SEO is Essential? You’re not lying right?

One of my partner said,”If you have website, try SEO, make it SEO friendly, not just mobile friendly, after SEO, then you can do paid media.”

Does SEO really work?

Well, I don’t too agree at that time, since I always do paid media to my clients, never thinking about SEO, because SEO takes more time than paid media to increase traffic. But I realize now, I wrong. Organic traffic can make a leads too, and people still looking for information about brand or product in Google. SERP feature in Google makes people have many distraction to clicks, but they will end up with something that they need to know, something that answer their question.

So SEO is essential and important. People still searching on Google, still asking different question, trends always change over time, sometimes looking for relevant things from what their needs, etc. If our website can answer and ‘talk’ to people in Google search, our traffic will increase.

When SEO start?

If you have and don’t have any website, just search your SEO consultant or agency, if you have more budget, to implement about SEO. Then you can ask/discuss with him/her/them about anything related you SEO Campaign, is SEO important, is SEO essential, why we need SEO, we don’t have a website, we are new website, etc.

Does SEO really work?

Don’t just write cold email such as spreading email brief to many SEO specialist or blogger influencer or agencies out there, but meet them, invite them, discuss about SEO campaign in detail. Don’t pretend to know the steps and makes you to stop questioning things.

Tips When You Meet SEO Consultant/Agency

  • Bring your brief, tell them your target, your URL.
  • Let them asking you and answer it honestly. This is important to track your website performance.
  • Tell them your plan, such as if you want to revamp the website or deleting your page.
  • Tell them your budget or ask them to calculate the budget.
  • You have to understand SEO takes time, so you have to be patient to get the result.
  • Ask anything, such as if you don’t know about technical SEO, ask them. If you don’t know a subject, ask them.

So, that’s all! This is my personal opinion about SEO campaign. What do you think?

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