Tom and Jerry Youtuber Composer Review

I really like Tom and Jerry series. This MGM Cartoon, really make me laugh. The storyline, animation and the music fit perfectly. Makes me never feel bored to watch it repeatedly.

Tom and Jerry cartoon MGM

I find some interesting videos related to Tom and Jerry in Youtube. These Youtuber composer create and make presentation of their music composing for Tom and Jerry cartoon. I think it’s brilliant idea, since many audience loves the Tom and Jerry series. Btw, I am not a musician or music teacher, just an ordinary youtube user ūüėĀ, I review these videos based on what I see and hear only.

The Videos..

First video from Tom and Jerry Youtuber composer is from Antonín Procházka channel.

Btw, how to spell his name everyone?

Antonín Procházka Tom and Jerry Encore Tom and Jerry Youtuber Composer Review

Antonín Procházka Tom and Jerry Encore

In this video, looks like a mini concert of Anton√≠n Proch√°zka’s band, pairing with one of episode of Tom and Jerry cartoon “Hic-Cup Pup”. I did watch the full episode of this Tom and Jerry cartoon and it was so funny and cute at the same time. The story about a father dog want to ease the hic-cup of his son dog. Tom still wanted to chase Jerry with many ways but end up fight with the father dog.

The video posted in 2017, Antonín Procházka said in description: For encore to our graduation concert that took place 10.5.2017 at Prague Conservatory we chose a little Tom & Jerry sketch.
Just for fun we improvised along the movie with our dear friends from the department of composition.

There’s no man voice in this video, only music. Anton√≠n Proch√°zka make a brilliant performance, the music amazingly fit to the cartoon in every of the character moves. The audience can enjoy the music and the Tom and Jerry cartoon at the same time. Every member of the band has his own role and create good harmony and match to the Tom and Jerry sketch on big screen. The applause from audience is big compliment for the band cooperation during the sketch.

You can enjoy the other video of Tom and Jerry here too:

Antonín Procházka - Tom and Jerry Youtuber composer

Antonín Procházka Tom and Jerry on practice room

Second video from Tom and Jerry Youtuber composer is from Yannie Tan’s Channel

This young lady really has a brilliant skill too, related to piano.

Yannie Tan Tom and Jerry Youtuber composer

Yannie Tan Tom and Jerry

This video posted on 2017 too.

Yannie Tan played The Cat Concerto Music – Arranged version of Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 by Franz Liszt here. And she nailed it! Maybe 1 or 2 tones feel not too match with the Tom’s finger and Jerry’s steps but it’s okay. Imagine how she practice to match the sketch alone and try not to loose control of her finger and eyes at the same time. This is need high concentration and focus. She is very talented!

No wonder this video get so many views. She even has a membership community now. She composed many Tom and Jerry cartoons in her channel, include this and this.

And that’s all.

These Youtuber did do brilliant thing. Since they composed the music of Tom and Jerry cartoon, I hope they can collaborate together one dayūüėä.

Do you know any of Tom and Jerry Youtuber composer channel, other than Anton√≠n Proch√°zka and Yannie Tan? Please tell meūüėä

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