Dimash Kudaibergen New Song – Know Review

Stuck in a job for many days, I walking on Youtube searching for a new video to refresh the brain. Since I watched many of Dimash Kudaibergen’s videos, this video appeared in the right bar.

The date is pretty new, although it posted last year. So I play it.

I have never doubted the vocal abilities and techniques of  Dimash Kudaibergen and he sings his new song titled “Know” with above-average singing ability, skillful, very full of energy but also very gentle at the same time and very touching to the listener’s feelings.

I don’t understand the Russian language, but I feel what he wants to tell to the audience.  I feel the pain in his song and his body expression, a confusion of love, a love that has reached its limit.

Usually, in many videos, he wore a suit, but in this performance, he didn’t. I like the jacket, btw. The model as his lover is beautiful too.

Dimash Kudaibergen once again proves to the world that many high skills can be combined in one song only. You can hear many different tones such as low and high, even you can feel the Arabic technic in this song and you can hear the ‘screams’ too with a very high pitch tone. I am not a singer or voice teacher, but I feel it when hearing Dimash Kudaibergen sing his new song. As if this song is a complete version of what he can do best, his portfolio! He doesn’t need any Linkedin account, I think. It feels like seeing his “SOS d’un terrien en détresse” performance two years ago. It was a complete version of him too.


In this song again he collaborates with Igor Krutoy. Igor Krutoy is a great composer. You can hear another Dimash Kudaibergen composed of Igor Krutoy in Love of Tired Swans. It’s a sad love song, I think, containing a great poem.


I already watch the Know MV too. The dancers are so cool! How do you think? Which one do you like, the MV or the live performance?

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