The Angry Birds 2 Movie Review

Red in different dimension ^^

Watching The Angry Birds 2 Movie again last night. Why not? It’s so funny cause have many slapstick here and there, and the expression of all character is just right.

I forgot when I watch this The Angry Birds 2 Movie for the first time. I have skeptic feeling before watching it, especially the first one is funny but not too funny. But hey, the creator upgrade this movie, to the next level of comedy!

It was my fourth. Hehe..

Why? Because the story is so funny and not boring.

Example when three little birds lost three eggs, they are trying too hard until they fly away to Mars to get it back.

In this The Angry Birds 2 Movie, Red and the Gank make a team with the Leonard Pig to destroy superweapon from Zeta, Zeta is ex-fiancee of The Mighty Eagle btw.

Red is forced to work in a team, not by himself again. Chuck’s sister, Silver, a brilliant freak engineer, really helps the team, and Red is not like it before, but at the near end of the movie, He starts to like her. A lot of stories about little birds also put in The Angry Birds 2 Movie, about how they try to get the eggs of the birds back.

Many 80’s famous songs play in this movie. For example, when the team enter the superweapon room, they doing breakdance battle with the eagle. But you can find 90’s and 2000’s too here.

Even Chuck, Silver and Bomb mocking Red with singing Opera in The Pig’s Ship. This is My first favorite scene. The second is where the team just landing in Eagle Island, with a high beat song.

The end? Of course, the mission is a complete success. The Angry Birds 2 Movie is better than the first one, I think.

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