Trends KKN Desa Penari, update 2020

Trends KKN Desa Penari

This KKN Desa Penari is already a huge trend on social media. People search the village Desa Penari after reading the story. Many places believed to be called Desa Penari mentioned by the creator of the story. They try to come and make those place viral. This is the social media power.😏

The thriller story become so famous. Maybe it will become a movie next year. Or a best seller book, book series. And the place, where ever it is, people will find the exact place of Desa Penari is, make it become tourist attraction.😮

But Trends KKN Desa Penari is …

I just thinking, if people are so afraid to see the spirit, though its the essence of a human being…

What if in Trends KKN Desa Penari…

  • The spirit is afraid seeing its essence? Like human being, feeling so scared see the spirit or skeleton run.
  • The essence of the spirit is actualy seen by us, but we don’t realize it?
  • The spirit can see us but they can not see their essence, and if they can see it,they will be afraid or scare to death.
  • Human dimension and spirit dimension are the same, like x=y in math? As in x is human dimension and y= is spirit dimension. So we just share the same space.
  • They scare to be seen by us.
  • There’s no Desa Penari or something like that. It just represent a village that have beautiful culture and many local dancers that can make everyone bewitched by their dance. The dancers and the dance are beautiful.


What do you think?

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Conclusion of Trends KKN Desa Penari, Read This

If you’re on same situation, you’re in remote area, doing your paper from university, please:

Be Respect

We should respect to our tradition and culture. Do not make it as a joke.

Be Polite

Speak and do politely, especially when you live for a while in remote area and far from home.

Get Along With The Locals

Interact as often as possible to resident around your place.

Contact The Person in Charge of Those Resident

If there is a problem or something to be discussed, seek an assistance from the authorities.

Call your family

Give a call to family or relative to share your experience in recent situation.

Save Your Head

Remember your life is more important than anything. Make it worth.


This twitter stories go viral in everywhere. Some ghosts need publication not only in social media, but on movie and book too. There’s already a fiction novel and a movie titled KKN Desa Penari now. Ghosts are everywhere now.

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