This is Situation at Night in Sudirman Station, Platform 2, Include Tips in New Normal

Sudirman station, Line 2, Monday 21st Jan 2019, 7.54pm
Sudirman station, Platform 2, Monday 21st Jan 2019, 7.54pm

I took this picture at Sudirman station last year and I have a kind of ‘strange’ feeling when I see it now, on July 2020. Passengers were standing next to each other on the platform, waiting for the train to come, a condition that is no longer possible at this time. In this New Normal era, in Sudirman station, passengers should standing based on protocol physical and social distancing. But in the reality, this condition will definitely happen, especially during rush hour.

You can see night at Karet station 2019 here and morning at Karet Station 2019 here. So nostalgic.

Is This The Rush Hour in Sudirman Station and Other Commuter Station?

waiting in line in morning rush hour

Image above is the reality that commuter passengers face every day in Sudirman Station or any other commuter station. The queue is very long and makes people tired to get to the cashier or get into the commuter. This new rules of commuter, making a line that can get to the road outside the commuter station. As you can see, no physical or social distancing.

inside the commuter

There’s not much different inside the commuter from Sudirman station and other commuter station, no physical distancing, no social distancing, especially in rush hour. The main weapon is only face shield or cloth/medical mask to avoid the COVID-19 attack from another person. This is a bitter truth during a pandemic.

How to Make Sudirman Station More Safety in New Normal Era?

Total Passenger in Sudirman Station in 2020

Commuter line facing difficult situation in income during lock down or PSBB. Data above showing how passenger decrease every month from January to April and it’s less than 20% passengers in April compare to January. Maybe we can see higher number starting from mid June, since lock down or PSBB already over.

Google trend for KRL Commuter Line

Keywords related to Jadwal KRL PSBB and Jadwal KRL Juni 2020 is breakout. This is an evidence that the passenger of commuterine in June is increasing because they are starting to look for schedules that can be adjusted to their arrival time at the station.

You can also download the latest Jadwal Commuter Line here.

For passenger in Sudirman station, there are a box for waiting in platform, all commuter officers using cloth/medical mask and gloves, the officers more often seen cleaning the station with disinfectant and there are some handwashing areas; the rest is still the same.

New rules on New Normal

5 Tips for Passenger of Commuter Line in Sudirman Station and Other Station in New Normal:

  1. Use long-sleeved clothes.
  2. Use face shield with cloth/medical mask.
  3. Always do social and physical distancing.
  4. Use E-Money for payment.
  5. Bring your own hand sanitizer and your food from home.

However, the main thing is this Covid-19 possibly can be transferred from airborne, based on WHO.

We have to make sure that we do all we can do to make our self stay healthy and people around us healthy too.

This blog updated on July 2020

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