Dimash Kudaibergen London Concert Review

Dimash Kudaibergen London Concert Review
Dimash Kudaibergen’s Youtube Channel

I know Dimash Kudaibergen from youtube inadvertently. I have one of my Facebook friend like a post about parody of xmas song by Vitas, so it’s appeared in my Facebook feed. Actually, Vitas sang ‘7th element’, but his voice was remake by someone and upload it on Facebook, and became viral two years ago.

Dimash Kudaibergen London Concert Review
For holiday mood

Below Vitas’ songs, I saw Dimash on suggested video. Then I click it. from that moment, I was his fan^^.

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Dimash Kudaibergen London Concert on Youtube!

Just search in youtube, find that he already doing concert on December 2018. This is just fancam, but it’s very good quality to watch. Thank you KraftyTDears Channel, hope you always happy ^^. For me, whose location is very far from London, this youtube fancam is very helpful.

So young.. so talented

In this concert, Dimash sang many songs that made his name viral on Facebook and Youtube. Such as SOS, Adagio, Daididau, The Love of Tired Swans etc. Interesting fact, when sang SOS, he seems couldn’t follow the music and stop singing in many lyrics. First I thought his voice was suddenly lost due to exhaustion, but then after sang SOS, he just ran away backstage. I saw he seemed to wipe away his tears too in the middle of the song… (aawwww…)


Then after SOS done, he came back with some words (in Russian language? or Kazakh?), maybe apologizing to audience.

The concert length was two hours. he must be very tired, and the audience too (off course).  When I see the length of youtube video, I was amazed. This KraftyTDears is should be a hardcore fans, holding the phone in 2hours, to record video during the concert!

He sang Kazakh songs at the beginning and end of the concert, even holding Kazakhstan flag. He yelled ‘Come to Kazakhstan!’ in the middle of a song (don’t know the title).

It’s best concert. Maybe next, he can speak more in English, not only on Russian or Kazakh, so audience will better understand what he was saying.

Dimash Kudaibergen’s Career and Success as A Singer

You can read about Dimash Kudaibergen on wikipedia. He have younger sister that can sing as good as him. Dimash Kudaibergen have wide vocal range, that makes many vocal coaches/teachers such as Tara Simon and Sam Johnson on Youtube amaze and speechless, this happened when watching Dimash Kudaibergen sing SOS.

Tara Simon said Dimash Kudaibergen had beautiful voice, and said many ‘beautiful’ in her reaction. So many level texture and timbre in his way. His improvisation have many hard notes to mix, a true mix between chest and head, and yes, off course, he can make girl voice. He have great technique and have courage to send the technique to the audience.

Tara Simon Studios review on Dimash Kudaibergen’s SOS

Sam Johnson said, Dimash Kudaibergenis very skilled. He is going back and forth between gentle, beautiful, small, low volume, rounder classical voice to really intense, whiny, forward voice, and he had control in between.

Sam Johnson’s review on Dimash Kudaibergen’s SOS

If only Dimas Kudaibergen chose to work as Opera singer in his homeland (Astana) before, he would be very very success, in short time, maybe would generate lots of money from his local concert. But yeah, he chose to improvised with his voice (and composed, I believe), then he chose to sang many types of songs from pop song, rock n roll, ballad, etc with his own style. SOS is the sample, very beautiful and powerful.

He joined in Hunan Television’s I Am a Singer 2017 , and became viral with no 1 position, by sang SOS. After the competition, he became more viral in Facebook and Youtube, often compared to Vitas, Russian singer. I hope he will covering many songs in the future, maybe Adele, or Michael Bublé ^^ or maybe create and composing his own song like Vitas.

I write about Dimash Kudaibergen song titled Know too.

He has Youtube channel now. Now we can see more of Dimash Kudaibergen work on youtube, include in this Tokyo Jazz Festival 2020, sing SOS, with difficult technique he had ever done before in Hunan Television’s I Am a Singer 2017. Nobody can sing SOS like him, I think. With no audience around, as if he sing for all the tools and walls around him. OMG, I held my breath as he ‘shouted’ on this song! So talented man!

He have an instagram page too. I hope his instagram will give more videos about his daily life or when he practices singing/concert.

View this post on Instagram

Good morning

A post shared by Dimash Kudaibergen (@kudaibergenov.dimash) on

Doesn’t he look cute?

BTW, There was a singer join in Hunan Television’s I Am a Singer 2017 too, named Terry Lin , Dimash even said he was his father, he was a stunning singer too. His posture is very much like Dimash’, tall, thin, have a good voice, like to sing in high note, long face, very humble person. You may see his performance sang 007 soundtrack here:


3 responses to “Dimash Kudaibergen London Concert Review”

  1. The SOS song was a tribute from Dimash to his friend, Kazakh figure skater Denis Ten who died in july 2018 at the age of 25 after being stabbed by car thieves.
    He was the 2014 Olympic bronze medalist, a two-time World medalist. He did his his return to the ice after recovery from an injury skating on Dimash’s song “SOS d’un terrien en détresse”.
    So you were right his performance was impaired by his sadness and his tears.


    1. Thank you for your info.


  2. […] lagu India, saya juga suka mendengar lagu EDM dan lagu pop seriosa seperti yang dibawakan oleh Dimash Kudaibergen. Ya, selera saya memang reachnya sangat […]


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