How To Create Bit ly Shortened URL Link?

Many people using one of their favorite Bit ly shortened link in blog and social media. It’s so common to use this and it’s a simple way to do too.

How Shortened my URL Link using Bit ly? Is it easy thing to do?

Bit ly website


  1. Go to bit ly then sign up.
  2. Then create your Bit ly shortened link.
  3. Or you can just scroll down and copy paste your URL and click ‘Shorten’ button.
  4. Copy paste your shortened URL link to your blog/social media. Just as simple as that.

You can pay for more feature, such as naming your shortened URL as your product or brand. But you can go free too with unique code after /.


Okay, then what? Is there any click performance? Is there any Analytics in Bit ly shortened URL?

Yup. There is a simple analytic of clicks inside your Bit ly shortened URL link dashboard. Make sure, you sign in first then see your shortened URL links performance. Bit ly said it is analytics. You can see all clicks happen on period time, which channel do you get the clicks from such as facebook, email, etc. This simple analytics is way more understandable than any analytics.

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Can we know any competitor on Bit ly Shortened URL Link Dashboard? How?

Well, this is an ‘everybody asking this’ question. Once, we can do that with only add ‘+’ after the shortened URL links, example:

Bit ly analytics
Can’t peek bit ly competitor anymore

But now, that will not work anymore. So sad!! 😣

Now, if you want to know your bit ly competitor on Bit ly Shortened URL Link Dashboard or clicks performance:

  • Open your browser
  • Add ‘+’ after the URL shortened link
  • Then you can see ONLY the time that shortened URL link was created.
  • You can not see the performance
  • You can not see referral, where the clicks come from. Etc.

So if you are not the creator of those shortened URL links, you can not see the performance.😩

SUGGESTION when you using Bit ly

If you want to create a new shortened URL link using Bit ly, make sure you can track it too on Google Analytics. Why? Because, the data not only stop from seeing Bit ly analytics or performance of clicks shortened URL link, but you can compare to traffic on your website/URL. So you can say to brand or everyone else, Hey I have 400 clicks on this bit ly AND I get 300 session from this bit ly!

Make sure you have access to Google Analytics to do this.

Url builder google
Fill all the important field

Simple suggestion how to create Bit ly Shortened URL link or any other of shortened URL links, in a best way:

  1. Go to URL Builder. Fill your URL, campaign information and copy your URL. Use this simple tool so your URL links can be read by Google Analytics.
  2. Paste your URL from URL Builder to Bit ly, then copy the shortened URL link
  3. Paste to your blog/social media

That way you can track the performance of the shortened URL both in Bit ly shortened URL Link analytics and Google analytics.

Any question? Please comment below.

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